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Monday, May 19, 2014

Wicca - A Stepping Stone In The Journey Of Spiritual Realization

Looking back now, it seems that Wicca has always been a factor in my life. I always knew I was different than those around me. The Catholism I was raised in never sat comfortably to me, and I questioned the faith more than any other child my age. I was always hungry for more faith-based knowledge, and it seemed to me that the Catholic leaders at the church and school I atteneded would always cloud the facts and twist the faith to how they saw fit. The faith itself was quite facinating, and although I never bought into the idea that a man was born from a virgin and lived his life in purity, and that his death resulted in the forgiveness of sins worldwide, I still found it all intriguing none the less. Catholics always seemed, in my opinion, to look down upon anyone whose beliefs strayed from their strict, pre-set ones. I realize now, that not all Catholics are like this, and I most likely was just surrounded by snobbish people in general. I couldn’t ever understand why all other faiths seemed to be wrong in the Catholic eye, when in reality, everyone was praying to the same god, and wanted the same things: salvation, afterlife, forgiveness, peace, hope, etc. I realized that, despite the attitudes and behaviors of the Catholics around me, the more pressing matter was, I wasn’t buying the who “Jesus” character, which is basically the foundation of Christian religions. I mean, it’s called CHRISTianity…
So, Christian religions were pretty much a no go. What little I knew about Judiasm and Muslim didn’t seem to flatter me either. I do regret not looking more into Buddhism. But it seemed nothing really fit into my beliefs. Or moreso, my beliefs didn’t fit into a religion.
By the time I reached eighth grade, Harry Potter had began to make a pretty large mark on literature. No, I’m not comparing Harry Potter and Wicca. Not in the least! But I was very intrigued by magic, spells, and things not so…normal? I stumbled upon Wicca by looking more into magic, and I took a fancy to it from the very beginning. I was surprised at how many Christian traditions were adopted from old pagan traditions. I liked the concept of the Threefold Law (Golden Rule, for all you Christians), and that there was beauty and magic in everything. The world was a temple to be cherished and thanked everyday! AMEN!
Finally. Finally I found a place where I felt like I belonged. But the tough journey was ahead of me. I was so naive about it all. Young and innocent. I didn’t know then that I would struggle with belief conflicts with my parents, my faith would be tested more times than fathomable, that I would be teaching myself all the knowledge about Wicca, that it would slowly eat away at the weak relationships I held with family and friends, and how stressed all this would be, thrown onto my shoulders at once.
But I would not change my decision for the world. Nothing has made me happier than my decision to part ways with Catholism and start a new journey down the road of Wicca.

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