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Friday, June 20, 2014

Litha - Knowledge, Plans, and Preparations

Litha is one of four solar holidays, and is also known as "Midsummer." It is when the sun is at it's highest, and shines the longest, making a longer day. Thus it also acts as a turning point or corner stone, in the year.

Tomorrow, June 21st, is Litha, and the sun will seem to hang in the sky without moving. This day is when the sun is the strongest, but also marks the day that the sun will begin to weaken. Traditionally, Litha is a time to celebrate and honor the space between Earth and Sky/Heaven. In some traditions, Litha acts as a battle between light and dark.

Although there is controversy as to whether ancient pagans celebrated Litha or not, many modern Wiccans, Pagans, and Neo-Pagans celebrate Litha. For contemporary Pagans, Litha is a day for inner power and brightness.

Litha marks the Earth as being its most fertile, fruitful, and generally full.

Below is an infographic with some basic Litha knowledge and correspondences.

Some favorite activities for Litha celebrations:

  • Watch the sunrise
  • Leave milk out for fae, fairies, and other fairfolk
  • Decorate the house in reds and oranges
  • Make decorations from dried oranges
  • Make sun-catchers
  • Deck the house with birch, fennel, and St. John's Wort
  • Make a pledge to the Goddess of something that you will do to improve the environment
  • Have a meal outside
  • Wear green or warm colored gemstones like tigers eye or malachite
  • Make solar water by leaving a bowl of spring water under the midday sun for a few hours
  • Leave items you would like to imbue with the sun's energy out in the sun for a few hours
  • Watch the sunset

My plan is to redo my altar tonight, and tomorrow make an offering to the Goddess and God, thanking them for blessing the Earth with the same fertility they created it from. 

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  1. Very informative article. Thank you. Specific fruits and vegetables would have made this article complete. ;-)