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Friday, August 8, 2014

Maiden, Mother, Crone, Me - Poetry

My soul is made of three.
My face shows three parts of me.
A tri knowledge,
A tri spirit,
A personality combined.
Eclectic by nature.
A montage mind by choice.

The Maiden in me

Is full of fire.
She is wild
And cannot be contained.
She runs with the moon
Like a wayward girl.
Her passion for spirit
Overflows the brim of her very being.
Her anger can rage and destroy
But her harmony can balance and heal.
She is young and ever-learning.
Bringing a new view to a dull life.

The Mother in me

Is full of life.
She is calm
And slow to anger.
She walks among the trees
With a peace and collectiveness.
Her actions can teach
And her patience is her moral.
She is gentle and ever-teaching.
Bringing knowledge to a naive life.

The Crone in me

Is full of knowledge.
She is wise
Even beyond her own years.
She sits among decaying nature
Understanding it is part of a greater cycle.
Her silence is full of understanding
A wisdom only learned from time.
She knows that even the teacher
Never stops learning.
She is quiet and ever-knowing.
Bringing wisdom and understanding to an evolving life. 

February 11th, 2014

©2014 natureboundpagan.blogspot.com


  1. I recently saw your "Paganism 101" info graph. I can't even begin to explain my frustration with this post and its ignorance. I don't know how old it is… or how young a "pagan" you were when you made it but I wish it was information I could delete permanently so newbies and people of other religions would not be mislead. The information was similar to that of many books recently published, almost %100 wiccan while claiming to be pagan. The characteristics, beliefs, "pagan" holidays (which by the way are extremely wiccan, other pagans such as heathens, a group which you insulted by categorizing them as all Asatru, celebrate a whole different wheel of the year, and hindus obviously don't celebrate wiccan holidays), definition, the fucking elements (Seriously, that one just made me laugh) are extremely wiccan. It just makes me cringe to see people like you, uneducated sharing wrong information with the public.

    1. Yes, many Pagans do not follow the holidays on my Paganism 101 infographic. Yes, many Pagans do not follow the elements on my Paganism 101 infographic. You are correct.

      However, many Pagans DO follow the holidays and elements on my Paganism 101 infographic. You would be wrong to say otherwise, and you in fact acknowledge that they do.

      My infographic does not represent EVERYONE. But it represents a good portion. The infographic represents the most common Pagan foundations; the ones most people will more than likely run into. The infographic makes this information easy for those who know nothing about Paganism, to understand. No, it is not EVERY bit of knowledge on Paganism. No, it does not represent every Pagan in the world. But it does represent the growing majority of them.

      I encourage you to read other blog entries. This is not a blog to be taken bits at a time. It is an ongoing journey. The only way for one to understand, is to start at the beginning. This is "Nature Bound Pagan: The Journey of Spiritual Realization." Not "Nature Bound Pagan: The Is All Of Paganism." I am an Eclectic Pagan. I celebrate the holidays and elements you claim are "wiccan." I do not do it because I am Wiccan, but because that is what is right for me. By all means, do what is right for you. Not everyone is going to see things the same way as me, and in fact, I doubt ANYONE will. Why? Because each individual is just that, individual. With individual beliefs and spiritual paths. You don't have to follow my path to be Pagan. By all means, DON'T! Follow your own path. Do what is right for you. But don't tear apart someone else's beliefs because it does not fit your mould. I don't share "wrong information," I share insight into my personal system of beliefs and spirituality.

      I deeply apologize for upsetting you. I apologize if I offended anyone. That was never my intention. I share my beliefs, for myself. Not for anyone else. If that offends or upsets you, I am sorry. But perhaps look away, instead of trying to shred another's spirituality.

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