Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Samhain - A Thin Veil

We recently celebrated Samhain. And Samhain happens to be my namesake, or at least, for my pagan name. Samhain is especially special to me! It marks another year practicing paganism... that's 11 years total! That's half the years I've been alive! I have officially spent half my life as a pagan of some form! PROUD MOMENT!!

Whew...ok, back to Samhain.

I know this post is a bit late. My apologies.

My Samhain was pretty busy. My soulmate and I took my child out trick-or-treating. The Tigger costume was absolutely adorable! So much candy!

It was nice to see all the costumes, and just sense the happy atmosphere! I hope your Samhain was as lovely as mine.

I would like to share my Samhain altar with you, so below are some photos!

And as always, here is a layout of my Samhain altar, complete with labels:

And of course, and infographic for more information on Samhain:

I hope you all enjoy!

Blessed Be and Merry ye Part!



  1. I really appreciate your post, I'm asking a friend to give me a reading because I have a lot of questions and this has been a bad karmic year for me. I found this post insightful!

  2. Hi
    this is probably a really late comment to what by now could be a dead blog so it may be pointless
    All the named buttons and symbols on the Samhain a thin veil pictorial are active when pressed but take you to no new information about the subject. Instead they just take you to this page.
    I was disappointed as I couldn't remember what besoms were but pressing the button just brought me here.
    I tried with several other buttons with the same outcome.
    I know you posted it late what ever year it was but Samhain returns soon and your page is trending on Pinterest.
    So if you still exist and have any interest in this could you please update it.
    With links to pages written by you about besoms, third harvest, incense,stones, colours of Samhain, et all.
    If that's too much you could probably link to wiki pages on each topic.
    Simpler still deactivate the buttons to lower expectations and the user experience.
    Just 1 or 2 pages beautifully done by you similar to the pictorial but with more detail about each topic would more than suffice.
    It is really easy to add extra pages with links on blogger if you haven't tried it yet.
    Thank you Treya for a lovely Samhain piece sorry if I sound like a grumpy nitpicky ol'man but that's what I am nowadays
    Stay tricksy
    With Love

    1. Hi 5tev0

      Unfortunately, this is a flat image. It has always been just a flat infographic that I made in Adobe Illustrator. There have never been buttons. It's never been interactive, and although the idea/concept of an interactive image with clickable buttons is entertaining, it requires a lot more coding that I am able to do with my skill set and the limitations of the website. It isn't as simple as adding a page to the blog. It's a whole coding project to link certain aspects of the same image to react in different ways when clicked. As this is a singular flat image, it would be impossible to use in such a way. It would require remaking the whole thing into different pieces. Essentially starting from scratch. Sorry, but that's not something I have on my to-do list right now. Maybe a future project perhaps?

      A big part of the craft is how personal and customizable it is. With that comes the great responsibility of learning. Not only learning, but taking charge of your own learning. Meaning, you're going to have to put in the effort if you want to gain the rewards. If you want a good experience on your path, you have to put in the work. As easy as it would be to simply click or hover over a word to gain knowledge of its meaning, are you really putting in the work? I'd like to think I'm not the only one capable of a quick google search.

      Sorry to disappoint and reduce the "user experience." And of course, sorry if I sound like a bitchy ol' witch, but that's what I am nowadays.

      Stay tricksy.
      With love,