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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Pagan Experience - January Weeks 1-4

Week 1: Resolutions

Spirituality (Spirit):

  • Start a coven
  • Become active in the pagan community
  • Practice daily
Career and Work (Air):
  • Find a full time job
  • Find a job in my field of work
  • Find a job I enjoy
Relationships (Fire):
  • Have date nights
  • Celebrate 1 year anniversary
  • Get married
Health and Fitness (Water):
  • Exercise daily
  • Learn to love my body
  • Get to 150 lbs
Home and Hearth (Earth):
  • Pay all bills by myself
  • Move out of my parent's house
  • Decorate with spirituality

Week 2: Personal Practice

I am 21 years old, and almost starting a new for the umpteenth time in my life. Over the past summer, I did a lot of internal searching, for what, I’m still not sure. But I redefined my beliefs, realizing that I may not even be Wiccan, but that my beliefs ran parallel to it. Tis all well and good in the end as I would rather not be bound to one organized religion. I have my own way of praying, thinking, thanking, and living. I don’t wish for those things to be dictated by the set belief system of a given religion. So I’ve come to the point of simply saying I’m an Eclectic Pagan. It is about as far as I can simplify it. My views are very parallel to Wicca, and it is comforting to know that the past nine years of my life haven’t been in complete vain. I continue my studies of Wicca because quite frankly, I can still feel at peace with calling myself as such, despite the internal knowledge of knowing that I’m not 100% there.

This summer, after a lot of soul searching and redefining my faith and beliefs, the world became brighter, more colorful. I could see every shade of every color. I could see the colors combined to make new colors. Everything is beautiful and I’ve been in complete awe since.

The August after I redefined it all, for the first time, I prayed specifically to my Goddess. As I stood naked in the shower, the water falling warm, yet cool on my skin, I asked her to wash away my sins. I closed my eyes and imagined all the flaws, impurities and sins slipping down by body and then down the drain. I got out of the shower, not feeling much different. I was sad, hoping to feel lighter, happier, and I wondered if it had worked at all. I went to bed quiet and lost in my thoughts of my prayer.

Week 3: Deity and the Divine

The Goddess:

I believe the Goddess is the creator of right brain activities, such as art, music, nature, creativity, inspiration, etc. I believe that people who have an active right brain are closer to the Goddess than to other deities.

Week 4: A and B

  • Athame
  • Alchemy
  • Altar
  • Amulet
  • Arcana
  • Aura
  • Astral
  • Astrology
  • Abracadabra
  • Attune
  • Augury
  • Bonfire
  • Bane
  • Banish
  • Beltane
  • Besom
  • Binding
  • Blessed Be
  • Bloodstone
  • Bloodmoon
  • Bolline
  • Black
  • Book of Shadows
  • Broom
  • Broom Closet
  • Burning Times

"Nature Bound" - The Book

In "Nature Bound" I have created a reference for those who are disconnected from nature; specifically those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and addiction. I have provided a method of reconnect to the natural world through the five senses. This reconnection uses innovative new age concepts, such as aromatherapy, essential oils, herbal remedies, sound healing therapy, and chromatherapy. "Nature Bound" allows a person to completely immerse themselves in the natural world.

Nature Bound PDF

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sex Magick to Protect Lovers

**This is a custom spell!**
by Lennard Salem and "Sam"

The intention of this spell is to protect a pair of lovers through sexual intercourse (sex magic). It is intended to before a heterosexual couple.

Best time to perform:
                Full Moon
                Waning Moon

1. First,find a location to perform the spell. Ensure that it is a secluded area, free from all distractions. It is recommended to use a private bedroom, which gives privacy as well as intimacy.

2. Next,meditate. Both partners need to meditate. It is important to clear the mind of all things. Take time to meditate with your partner, perhaps curled up against each other, or within a salt circle.

3. Once both partners have cleared their minds, cleanse each other. It is suggested to bathe together using a cinnamon wash/scrub; wash each other from head to toe.This can be very intimate if the partners so desire.

4. Next,prepare the location where you will perform the sex magic. (If this is to be done within a circle, cast the circle and continue to prepare as follows:).

     a. Within the bedroom, light red, white, and pink candles. I suggest using increments of 6 candles.
     b. Use incense of neroli, sandalwood, rose, lavender, and patchouli (incense of copal, damiana, galangal, orris root, vervain, and yarrow can also be used).
     c. Set a mirror next to where you and your partner will lay. On that mirror, set candles (as described above) along with rose quartz and malachite.
     d. Place a small vial and stopper within reach.

The Ritual
1. Call the quarters (and cast your circle if you are performing the ritual in a circle). If you wish, call upon your deities (I suggest deities such as Aphrodite/Venus, Pan, and Ishtar).

2. Take a moment to meditate and ground yourself once again. Focus on the task at hand.

3. State the intention of the spell. Be clear and precise. It is suggested that you and your partner premeditate on the intention of this spell. The intention can be said together or by one partner. Be sure to include:

     a.     The date you are performing the spell
     b.     The time you are performing the spell
     c.     The phase of the moon
     d.     Your name and your partner’s name
     e.     What you are protecting yourselves from (a specific person, a situation/event, negative energy, etc.)

4. When ready, the male should place a necklace of pearls around the neck of the female.

5. Once the pearls are placed as instructed, both partners should then perform sexual intercourse. There is no structure for the intercourse. Positions are left up to the partners’ decision.

6. The male should try to restrain from climaxing for as long as possible. The female should orgasm as much as possible. (When the male does climax, he should do so within the woman’s vagina.)

7. After both partners have climaxed, the male should drink their mixed sexual fluids from the female. The male should spit some of the fluids within the prepared vial, and close it with the stopper.

8. Once the male has drank from the female, he should kiss her, so that she may taste the fluids from his mouth.

Closing the Ritual:
1. Relax in each other’s arms. Catch your breath and clear your mind once again.

2. When both partners are ready and have clear minds, thank any deities you have called, and release the quarters.

3. Take the vial of sexual fluids and together, bury the vial on the edge of your property. The vial will act similar to a “witch’s protection bottle,” and protect the lovers from outside forces.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tales From Inside The Broom Closet - Sexuality and Spirituality

I wanted to share with you some wisdom from a fellow Pagan friend of mine. He recently touched on the topic of "Sexuality and Spirituality." Many of his points I found quite interesting. This topic is one that is not only a big issue in our society, but also in the Pagan community. 

"Sexuality and spirituality can go hand in hand. Not always, but it very much so can. Unfortunately, there is still a high amount of fear and distaste for alternative sexualities. I am straight in sexuality, but have a pansexual mentality. I have seen many boys and men struggle in alternative religions because of their sexuality. It is a shame really. What people do not always understand is that a part of being spiritual in any faith is to accept that you are who you are. It is the first step in accepting any religious or spiritual path. You must accept that this is who you are, this is how you think and feel, and this is how you were born. Only when you can accept yourself, can you accept spirituality in its fullest. 
You have alternative sexualities in ANY religion. I am glad that alternative religions such as Wicca and other Pagan paths have a great population of people who are confident enough with their sexuality to be open about it. That shows a huge level of acceptance of the individual, and trust that individual has in their religious community. Too often pagans are persecuted based on their beliefs. How hypocritical it is for those who are so often persecuted for their religious preferences to persecute others for their sexuality preferences. 
Sexuality aside, it is very difficult for people of alternative religions to be open about their beliefs. It is especially and painfully true for Pagans. Even in our modern and open-minded society (for it is much more open-minded about alternative lifestyles/sexuality/religion than it has ever been), Pagan are still viciously murdered for their beliefs. Saudi Arabia has an official Anti-Witchcraft Unit. In Nepal, India, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda, witches are murdered on a daily basis because of their beliefs. The dictator of Gambia has those he believes to be witches killed on sight. In 2011 and 2012, over 600 elderly women were killed for witchcraft in Tanzania. Even in the United States of America, people are persecuted, humiliated, and discriminated against for being Pagan. Last year, Fox News attacked and stereotyped Wiccans and Pagans on live TV. 
Life as a practicing Pagan is not easy in any part of the world. Every day, Pagans run the risk of being persecuted, humiliated, and discriminated against. Every day, life can be dangerous. Many Pagans put their life on the line every time they practice. That is the reality of the world we live in.
Now put sexuality on top of that. It is hard to be of any alternative sexuality in our world. Every day people are attacked because of their sexuality. "Gay bashing" and "homophobia" liter our world. In many places, being of an alternative sexuality is a crime. In other places, it's a "sin." People have been killed for their sexuality. 
Does anyone else see a common theme among the two? It is hard to be Pagan. It is hard to be of an alternative sexuality. It is even harder to be both. Those people face hardships every step of the way, so the fact that they are comfortable enough to be open about it, and trusting enough to be open to YOU about it...that says a lot. The fact that the LGBTQ community is so rich in Pagan religions is a blessing it itself. It means the members of the Pagan community feel trusting of one another, and feel safe with one another. That is a relationship very few religions have. 
Do not poison that relationship with bigotry and homophobia. You do not have to agree with an individual's personal choices that they make in their life. But it is a blessing to have them as a part of your community. They add strength to the community you call "family." A religion is as strong as it's weakest member, and by the looks of it, those of alternative sexualities are leading the pack.
Many blessings and Greenthingz!
Lennard Salem

Please share your thoughts and stories!

With Every Ending Is A New Beginning - Yule and the New Year

When one door closes, another opens. When one chapter ends, another begins.

Winter Solstice (Yule) is the last celebration of the calendar year. It marks the beginning of winter's end, where days become longer and nights become shorter again. It is, quite frankly, the beginning of the end; the last chapter in winter's book.

Although, here, winter seems to only have just begun. We received our first snowfall (that stuck to the ground), freezing temperatures, and school closings within the past week. It makes it hard to remember that winter is already beginning to end.

Yule in our house was quite different this year. We welcomed another person into our home; my significant other. I also completed my higher education, and am currently job searching again. A member of the family is preparing to move 200+ miles away as his job relocates, and our budget seems to be getting tighter with the times. However, despite the highs and lows that came with winter, I would not change this time for the world.

We had a wonderful Yule. Everyone really got into the season this year. The family put up five Yule trees!

This is the family tree, decorated with homemade ornaments as well as others that celebrate highlights of our lives. 

This is our music themed tree, decorated with musical instruments, lights that make music, and music notes. We decorate around this tree with Santa, Mrs. Clause, reindeer, and a Santa climbing a ladder up our tree, with his elves carrying the presents he has dropped right behind him.

This is our vintage/victorian themed tree. It is decorated with pearl strands, crystals, and other vintage/victorian styled ornaments.

This tree sits on the ledge by our staircase. We decorate it with multi colored lights and ornaments. In front, we put two carolers, still with song.

And finally, this is our snowman themed tree. All the ornaments are snow or snowman related. In front are two polar bear cubs building a snowman.

It's all very "Christmas-y" I know. But when you live in a home with two Catholics, a Buddhist, and a child too young to understand anything more complex than Santa, things look a bit more like "Christmas" than Yule. 

Of course, I decorated my altar for the season. It is more Yule than "Christmas," and as promised, here are photos of my altar:

As usual, I also have the template for my altar, with everything explained:

And, of course, an infographic:

Finally, as 2014 ends, and 2015 begins, I want to share my year's goals with you. This was inspired by WitchyWords.blogspot.com so creative credit to her. I did make my own, personalized for me. I think it is a wonderful idea, and I encourage others to do the same. Writing your goals down and putting them in a place you will see, helps you to achieve them! So here's to 2015, in all it's splendor and glory. Here's to hoping this chapter of life will be better than the next. Here's to achieving goals, and working hard. And here's to a blessed, witchy year!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Passing of Wisdom: From Medicine Man to the Eclectic

I am feeling very honored and blessed right now. That is the only way to feel after someone very wise and experienced passes their wisdom and knowledge on to you, without you asking. The fact that someone so wise and experienced feels that you are worthy and deserving enough to carry on the knowledge of their teachers, is...and incredible thought.

The Backstory:Through a social media sight, I had befriended a Shaman man over two thousand miles away from me. I have not, to this day, met him in person, but we have very similar views on life and spirituality. Over the course of a year, we have had delightful chit-chat. We have both felt drawn to one another, with no real explanation. This attraction was not one of lust, romance, or anything close. It was a friendship. I saw him as a mentor, he saw me as a student. He felt there was a necessary reason to contact me. With his background in counciling  homeless, foster care youth and young adults, and working with those with traumatic pasts, it is clear to see why the draw of keeping contact was felt. Of course, I did not know about his background of working with trauma, and he did not know of my traumatic past, until recently.

Once we had this realization, it was almost a "duh!" moment when we put the feelings and the situation together.

The Passing of WisdomHe was only checking up on me when the truth about my past and his background surfaced. I did not ask for help or guidance, or even his opinion. I simply answered his question when he asked about my hesitation when it came to relationships.

And it was then that he, without request, passed on to me, the wisdom and knowledge of his teachers. Below I will include passages of this wisdom (the relevant parts), in order to pass the same wisdom on.
"First you must protect your energy, your essence, your internal self. Make a bowl of clay or purchase a well made, small clay bowl that can endure weather. Hold it in your hands and sit or pray or both with it. The important thing is to put your energy/spirit/soul into it. Do this for at least a week three times per day. If you can do it for two weeks straight this would be ideal. You will know when it is time to take the bowl and find a water source that has an island in it. You may have to travel for this being in [my location]. If you do, then do it. It can be a lake, the ocean, a river, a stream with a gathering of stones surrounded by water. It has to be some earth surrounded by water. Then take the bowl and bury it on the island somewhere where it will not be found or seen by people. It is your protection and decoy. When you are psychically attacked all of the negative thoughts, perceptions, etc. that people hold of you will go to the bowl and not you. When you are burying it, focus on this. Ask the divine to help you set up a foundation of protection to begin the journey of self realization and cleansing of those things that you let into your life. You will have some deep experiences going through this process. You may have to go on journey and it may not be easy to get to the island, but what you focus on you will get, so get to this island. This teaching and task was given to me by one of me teachers who was a man who literally kept a fire going for the world 24/7 in the Huichol Mountains in Jalisco Mexico. Don Pablo De La Cruz was a great medicine man and elder who has passed but his teachings will now live on through you."
This beautiful wisdom did not stop there. He continued, instructing me on cleansing myself.
"During this first task you must cleanse yourself at least a few times a week and smudge every day. To do this 'cleanse' take an apple and serrate the skin with a knife. Make cuts horizontally and vertically all around the apple. Do not cut it apart. Just serrate the skin. The juice will start to come out. Take the apple and a bowl of honey (about 4-5 tablespoons) to the shower. Take a shower and use the apple like soap. First cover it with honey and then take it and begin to wipe yourself with it starting at your head and like a bar a soap, use it to wash every part of your body, every part, including the bottoms of your feet. When the honey rubs off take more and rub it on. You will feel a difference when you are done. Make sure that you buy the healthiest looking apples. Do this three times per week. This was given to me by one of my great teachers Don Ernesto Nerey, who has passed. Again you will be keeping his teachings alive and thank you for doing this and keeping the light alive in this very dark world."
I had always had trouble coping with my traumatic past. But through my own spirituality, I have managed to focus on the silver lining of it all; realizing that without it, I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be blessed in all the ways that I am. It is part of me healing; removing the "victim" mindset. Yes, I was a victim. I was. But now I am a survivor. I survived. I am surviving. I'm growing, and maturing, and flourishing in many ways at once. I've gotten that far virtually on my own. But his last bit of wisdom, though it is a repetition of the positivity I have taught myself to see in all things, including my past, will stick with me. And in those times where I seem to find myself unable to be positive, it will be this wisdom that I remember:
"Stay out of the 'victim' mindset. What happened to you is very traumatic and I do not want to diminish it, however, a victim is just that. The challenge this situation is presenting you with, or one of them, is to learn how to hold the perspective that you want to hop din your life and for your life in the face of an onslaught of negative energy. Life is the teacher, the gift, the provider. There is no better other way to learn other than from your life about magic and how to harness it and use it in beneficial ways for yourself and others. You are not a victim but rather a student who is going to learn and grow through what you are currently experiencing. Alchemy is about turning lead into gold. What you shared with me is the lead that the universe gave you to turn into gold and today is your lucky day because the universe is showing you that it is right here with you through this communication. You have to ask yourself "what are the odds that out of the millions of users on this site, how did I connect with a traditionally trained medicine man?" We are always being guided. Help is always there. Have faith. This communication right here and now is showing you this truth."
The Medicine Man who passed his wisdom to me

The Medicine Man who passed his wisdom to me

Monday, January 5, 2015

Adding a Deity to Worship

I'm not one who usually cares for Greek mythology and Greek deities. It is something that I know about. I've learned about, and recognize as an organized polytheistic religion (Hellenism). But it has never been something for me. I'm eclectic, so the things that click are the things that stick. Hellenism has never clicked with me...

Until now. I don't know how to explain it. But I've been overly attracted to the demigod Achilles, as of recent. I'm not sure what it is. I feel almost as if I'm being called to him..by him? I usually trust my instincts, and so I am choosing to do such. I just find it odd...he isn't one of the more popular Greek deities either. He's a demigod. And I seem to be more attracted to the mortal aspect of him than the god aspect. 

What is this? Is this a calling from a deity, to follow/worship them? I have no idea. This has never happened to me. In fact, the two deities I DO worship ("Logos" and "Pathos") never really called to me. I had to discover them. Hell, I had to go out of my way to discover them! It was an insanely long process! This whole Achilles thing is just kinda falling into my lap.

I've looked online for information on Achilles and the myrmidons. I've read into the mythology about Achilles and his bloodline. I figure, if he is calling to me, then there must be a reason for it. But I've yet to figure it out. I wonder if there is a message he has for me that I still am not getting, or perhaps he is just calling to me for worship. I'm not sure. How does one go about worshipping an ancient Greek god anyway? This is all very new to me. I am not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. I looked online for pictures of Achilles, thinking that maybe having an image of him would help me understand this path he is calling me down. However, all the pictures I could find were either of ancient pottery items with carvings of Greeks (who knows which one he even is), digital made characters that look like they belong to some RPG website, or pictures of Brad Pitt playing Achilles in the movie "Troy." No help there.

I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences. If so, and you stumble across this post, please share your experience in the comment section below!!

ALSO: a quick update. I am still planning to do a post on Yule with an infographic and photos of my altar. Things have been a bit crazy, so I haven't gotten to it yet. But I will, please have patience!