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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Pagan Experience - March Week 2

As Above, So Below

This week's topic is all about what you seek from the Divine. How is it reflected in the mundane? Where do I find my place of synthesis.

It's funny, I just posted a journal topic not long ago about writing a letter to the Divine (Week 12 Journal Prompt). In the letter, it is suggested to ask questions and express feelings.

This topic seems very similar to the prompt.

What I, personally, seek from the Divine is acceptance, love, and a place to call home. I seek the acceptance for my beliefs and values that I have never received from others. I seek the pure, unquestionable and unconditioned love I will never received from others. And I seek a place to entrust my faith and beliefs and values in one place; a shelter or home for them.

In my daily routine, through the boring repetitive actions and the dull tasks required each day, the acceptance, love, and shelter I receive from my Divine is what keeps me going. I know that despite what others think, say, or feel about me, my Divine loves and accepts me for who I am, and offers me a place to come and relax spiritually.

My synthesis with my Divine is through meditation, music, and nature. Even now, in the cold winter, I still feel my Divine in all living things. Through meditation, my Divine allows me ask questions, seek answers, and converse. And through music, I release emotions that my Divine accepts and soothes.

My Divine loves me for me.
My Divine accepts me for me.
My Divine offers me spiritual shelter.
My Divine listens and comforts.

My Divine never judges me.
My Divine never questions me.
My Divine never turns away from me.

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