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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Pagan Experience - May Week 1


Fire is a funny thing. You have the elemental fire, which is associated with South, red, heat, strength, rage, anger, love, lust, romance, destruction, and more. It is almost a contradiction in what it represents. 

There is also spiritual fire. The fire inside each of us that burns red hot when certain emotions are invoked. Our spiritual fire ignites when things we are passionate about arise. This spiritual fire fuels us to keep going through life. It fuels us to stand for our beliefs, and to take charge when the situation calls for it.

There is a fire that burns inside me, and it frequently flares up. It flares up when touchy and controversial topics are brought up; topics I have very strong feelings and opinions on. The fire rages when topics of violence, sexual violence, religious bigotry, oppression of human rights, and sexuality phobias come up in conversation. These are topics that I have very strong opinions on, and although I can acknowledge, and even validate other's opinions on these topics, my opinions and feelings will not be swayed.

There is also a fire that burns inside of me that is related to passion. Romantic passion. And although the details of that fire and it's triggers are probably too spicy for public sharing.

My internal fire has also cauterized many wounds for me. Wounds from break ups, wounds from heart ache and ending friendship, wounds from reality checks and dark pasts of long ago.

I embrace my fire. My fire is my fuel to keep going even in the darkest parts of my life. I cherish my fire. And I honor it by being strong and by continuing to fight when all I want to do is give up.