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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Altar Blessing

The first time you erect a permanent altar, you should bless it. If the altar ever becomes blocked with negative energy, perform the blessing again.
You will need:
  • Sage wand or incense
  • Broom
  • Tools and decorations for the altar
  • White candle
1. Place the altar in the desired location. Light a sage wand and waft the smoke through the area to remove any negative energy. Symbolically sweep the area clean with a broom.
2. Cast a circle around the altar and invite the elemts.
Inviting the elements -- recite:
"Air, element of east
South, element of fire
Water, element of west
Earth, element of north"
If there are others participating in the blessing say "Please join me in blessing my ritual altar" and recite it again. If you are alone, recite it twice.
3. Invite the deities, saying "Lady of light, lady of the moon, lady of wisdom. Lord of earth, lord of the sun, lord of knowledge. Please join me in blessing my altar."
Same rules aply as in #2
4. Lay down an altar cloth if you are using one, then arrange the tools on top. State what each tool represents as you possition it (for example: "The chalice represents the elemnt of water").
5. Light a withe candle and place it at the center of the altar. Close your eyes and visualize a white sphere forming around the altar. Say "I cleanse and consecrate this altar for my magical purposes. May it provide grounding and correct energy."
6. Thank and release the deities; release the quarters and open the circle.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am just collecting my alter supplies and finding a location. I will use this to consecrate my first alter.