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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Persecution - The Daily Battle

I have been persecuted many times in my life, because of what I believe.

There was one incident where I had the joys of dealing with a woman who chose to bully me online:

"She posted a photo of my son and I on the internet (Twitter), without my consent. I don’t want photos of my son in public eye. She further left a bullying title/message with the photo. She made fun of my parenting skills because I use a harness on my son. She made fun of the fact that I even had a son. She also tried to make a claim that I hexed them (who, I’m not so sure). I left her a warning to remove the photo or I would take the issue to court.
I don’t care what people say to me, or about me. I’m used to persecution from others. But my son is innocent. He has done nothing wrong.

And hexes? Are you kidding? It is so unfortunate how related this situation is to my beliefs, when in actuality, hexes and Wicca have nothing to do with each other. Hexes go completely against the Wiccan Law of Threefold. It is completely stupid to accuse a witch of hexing someone. Any self-respecting witch would never do such a thing. Hexes, in the structure of Wicca, don’t exist any more than ghost stories. However entertaining the thought may be, in reality, hexes are simple folklore stories told by adults to children to frighten them into behaviors their parents want. It’s pointless, if you ask me.

Hexing people…are you kidding me!? I thought I left high school persecutions behind. Maybe it is because of the high rate of Catholicism here. Catholicism seems to make people so closed-minded. Is that what this is about? Closed-minded Catholics? I don’t know. Is it because I’m different, and differences scare people? Is it because I’m not an athlete and have millions of friends? I honestly have no clue why so may persecutions are thrown at me in particular. But I’m used to it by now, it is no longer an issue.

Just don’t drag my son into it."

- excerpt from my personal journal

There was another time when I was persecuted because of my clothing:

"So last Wednesday I wore a pair of skeleton tights under my shorts. They are black with a skeleton design on them. I was pretty stoked to wear them. They were a Christmas gift from a friend, and wednesday was the first day warm enough to wear something other than pants. They're also like....AWESOME! They're unique, original, and something you don't usually see on a catholic college campus. So fuck yeah, I wore them! I'm all for silent "fuck yous" to the system. 

Well, needless to say, someone snapped a picture when my back was turned. They threw it on Twitter and Instagram, and tagged me with #schoolprobz, #hawt, #special, and #college. Yes, apparently I am an especially hawt problem at my school. LMFAO! I'm an official school problem, and I like it. I have my first official hater. On the board! YES! Who knew all I had to do was wear tights. I mean jeez. It's a catholic campus, you'd think they're all for covering up! So, of course I wore the same damn tights today. I wonder how many other haters I'll make. I hope one person snaps a pic with my face in it! When do I start to get hate mail I wonder. I really would like a good laugh. Maybe I should make a like page for my haters. I bet they'd like that. So checkmate haters. Since you're already pissed, I'll purposefully go out of my way to make your day worse. Challenge accepted haters, like a mother fucking boss. Who knew it took balls to wear bones."

- excerpt from my personal journal

I cannot even begin to explain how many times I'm persecuted by my own parents. They are Catholic, and honestly believe that persecuting me is going to save my soul. It makes living with them difficult. 

The thing about Christians in general, they honestly believe there is only one way to live. Not all of them are like this, but in my experiences, I'd safely estimate about 90% of them are. Unfortunately, many of them are quite blind to reality.

There was one time, in an American history class, I had quite a laugh and thanked Goddess for bringing me home to her again. My professor asked who had heard of the Catholic Crusades, and no one, other than me, raised their hand. It is a classic example of “sheeples” (sheep people) – people being herded from theory to theory, not thinking for themselves, not searching for religious truths on their own, and simply accepting whatever their religious teachers tell them. It is a term also used to describe the relationship between a body of people and their government. It doesn’t surprise me, honestly, that here at a Catholic college, the Catholics knew less about the negativites of their religion than the non-Catholics. To me, it just further points to Catholic ignorance, which was the driving force that pushed me away from it.

There has never been a war or religious tragedy in the name of Wicca…

I found a wonderful quote in the Wicca book I am reading:

The “Satanic witchcraft” that the church persecuted, if it ever even existed, was a Christian heresy that included a pact with the devil, black magic, human sacrifice, and other atrocities. Wiccans do not believe in Satan, Wicca is not a Christian heresy (it’s a religion unto itself), and Wiccans find black magic and human sacrifice as abhorrent as anyone else does. 
– Thea Sabin

It is an ugly truth in the face of Christians. One they will never admit is true.

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