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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sex Magick to Protect Lovers

**This is a custom spell!**
by Lennard Salem and "Sam"

The intention of this spell is to protect a pair of lovers through sexual intercourse (sex magic). It is intended to before a heterosexual couple.

Best time to perform:
                Full Moon
                Waning Moon

1. First,find a location to perform the spell. Ensure that it is a secluded area, free from all distractions. It is recommended to use a private bedroom, which gives privacy as well as intimacy.

2. Next,meditate. Both partners need to meditate. It is important to clear the mind of all things. Take time to meditate with your partner, perhaps curled up against each other, or within a salt circle.

3. Once both partners have cleared their minds, cleanse each other. It is suggested to bathe together using a cinnamon wash/scrub; wash each other from head to toe.This can be very intimate if the partners so desire.

4. Next,prepare the location where you will perform the sex magic. (If this is to be done within a circle, cast the circle and continue to prepare as follows:).

     a. Within the bedroom, light red, white, and pink candles. I suggest using increments of 6 candles.
     b. Use incense of neroli, sandalwood, rose, lavender, and patchouli (incense of copal, damiana, galangal, orris root, vervain, and yarrow can also be used).
     c. Set a mirror next to where you and your partner will lay. On that mirror, set candles (as described above) along with rose quartz and malachite.
     d. Place a small vial and stopper within reach.

The Ritual
1. Call the quarters (and cast your circle if you are performing the ritual in a circle). If you wish, call upon your deities (I suggest deities such as Aphrodite/Venus, Pan, and Ishtar).

2. Take a moment to meditate and ground yourself once again. Focus on the task at hand.

3. State the intention of the spell. Be clear and precise. It is suggested that you and your partner premeditate on the intention of this spell. The intention can be said together or by one partner. Be sure to include:

     a.     The date you are performing the spell
     b.     The time you are performing the spell
     c.     The phase of the moon
     d.     Your name and your partner’s name
     e.     What you are protecting yourselves from (a specific person, a situation/event, negative energy, etc.)

4. When ready, the male should place a necklace of pearls around the neck of the female.

5. Once the pearls are placed as instructed, both partners should then perform sexual intercourse. There is no structure for the intercourse. Positions are left up to the partners’ decision.

6. The male should try to restrain from climaxing for as long as possible. The female should orgasm as much as possible. (When the male does climax, he should do so within the woman’s vagina.)

7. After both partners have climaxed, the male should drink their mixed sexual fluids from the female. The male should spit some of the fluids within the prepared vial, and close it with the stopper.

8. Once the male has drank from the female, he should kiss her, so that she may taste the fluids from his mouth.

Closing the Ritual:
1. Relax in each other’s arms. Catch your breath and clear your mind once again.

2. When both partners are ready and have clear minds, thank any deities you have called, and release the quarters.

3. Take the vial of sexual fluids and together, bury the vial on the edge of your property. The vial will act similar to a “witch’s protection bottle,” and protect the lovers from outside forces.

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