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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Passing of Wisdom: From Medicine Man to the Eclectic

I am feeling very honored and blessed right now. That is the only way to feel after someone very wise and experienced passes their wisdom and knowledge on to you, without you asking. The fact that someone so wise and experienced feels that you are worthy and deserving enough to carry on the knowledge of their teachers, is...and incredible thought.

The Backstory:Through a social media sight, I had befriended a Shaman man over two thousand miles away from me. I have not, to this day, met him in person, but we have very similar views on life and spirituality. Over the course of a year, we have had delightful chit-chat. We have both felt drawn to one another, with no real explanation. This attraction was not one of lust, romance, or anything close. It was a friendship. I saw him as a mentor, he saw me as a student. He felt there was a necessary reason to contact me. With his background in counciling  homeless, foster care youth and young adults, and working with those with traumatic pasts, it is clear to see why the draw of keeping contact was felt. Of course, I did not know about his background of working with trauma, and he did not know of my traumatic past, until recently.

Once we had this realization, it was almost a "duh!" moment when we put the feelings and the situation together.

The Passing of WisdomHe was only checking up on me when the truth about my past and his background surfaced. I did not ask for help or guidance, or even his opinion. I simply answered his question when he asked about my hesitation when it came to relationships.

And it was then that he, without request, passed on to me, the wisdom and knowledge of his teachers. Below I will include passages of this wisdom (the relevant parts), in order to pass the same wisdom on.
"First you must protect your energy, your essence, your internal self. Make a bowl of clay or purchase a well made, small clay bowl that can endure weather. Hold it in your hands and sit or pray or both with it. The important thing is to put your energy/spirit/soul into it. Do this for at least a week three times per day. If you can do it for two weeks straight this would be ideal. You will know when it is time to take the bowl and find a water source that has an island in it. You may have to travel for this being in [my location]. If you do, then do it. It can be a lake, the ocean, a river, a stream with a gathering of stones surrounded by water. It has to be some earth surrounded by water. Then take the bowl and bury it on the island somewhere where it will not be found or seen by people. It is your protection and decoy. When you are psychically attacked all of the negative thoughts, perceptions, etc. that people hold of you will go to the bowl and not you. When you are burying it, focus on this. Ask the divine to help you set up a foundation of protection to begin the journey of self realization and cleansing of those things that you let into your life. You will have some deep experiences going through this process. You may have to go on journey and it may not be easy to get to the island, but what you focus on you will get, so get to this island. This teaching and task was given to me by one of me teachers who was a man who literally kept a fire going for the world 24/7 in the Huichol Mountains in Jalisco Mexico. Don Pablo De La Cruz was a great medicine man and elder who has passed but his teachings will now live on through you."
This beautiful wisdom did not stop there. He continued, instructing me on cleansing myself.
"During this first task you must cleanse yourself at least a few times a week and smudge every day. To do this 'cleanse' take an apple and serrate the skin with a knife. Make cuts horizontally and vertically all around the apple. Do not cut it apart. Just serrate the skin. The juice will start to come out. Take the apple and a bowl of honey (about 4-5 tablespoons) to the shower. Take a shower and use the apple like soap. First cover it with honey and then take it and begin to wipe yourself with it starting at your head and like a bar a soap, use it to wash every part of your body, every part, including the bottoms of your feet. When the honey rubs off take more and rub it on. You will feel a difference when you are done. Make sure that you buy the healthiest looking apples. Do this three times per week. This was given to me by one of my great teachers Don Ernesto Nerey, who has passed. Again you will be keeping his teachings alive and thank you for doing this and keeping the light alive in this very dark world."
I had always had trouble coping with my traumatic past. But through my own spirituality, I have managed to focus on the silver lining of it all; realizing that without it, I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be blessed in all the ways that I am. It is part of me healing; removing the "victim" mindset. Yes, I was a victim. I was. But now I am a survivor. I survived. I am surviving. I'm growing, and maturing, and flourishing in many ways at once. I've gotten that far virtually on my own. But his last bit of wisdom, though it is a repetition of the positivity I have taught myself to see in all things, including my past, will stick with me. And in those times where I seem to find myself unable to be positive, it will be this wisdom that I remember:
"Stay out of the 'victim' mindset. What happened to you is very traumatic and I do not want to diminish it, however, a victim is just that. The challenge this situation is presenting you with, or one of them, is to learn how to hold the perspective that you want to hop din your life and for your life in the face of an onslaught of negative energy. Life is the teacher, the gift, the provider. There is no better other way to learn other than from your life about magic and how to harness it and use it in beneficial ways for yourself and others. You are not a victim but rather a student who is going to learn and grow through what you are currently experiencing. Alchemy is about turning lead into gold. What you shared with me is the lead that the universe gave you to turn into gold and today is your lucky day because the universe is showing you that it is right here with you through this communication. You have to ask yourself "what are the odds that out of the millions of users on this site, how did I connect with a traditionally trained medicine man?" We are always being guided. Help is always there. Have faith. This communication right here and now is showing you this truth."
The Medicine Man who passed his wisdom to me

The Medicine Man who passed his wisdom to me

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