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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Pagan Experience - February Week 3

Deity and the Divine

The God:

I believe the God is the creator of the left brain activities, such as logic, ethics, mathematics, science, morals, and thoughts. I believe that people who have an active left brain, like doctors and lawyers are closer to the God than any other deity.


  1. An interesting idea. Would you be able to elaborate further on this in future?

    1. Certainly! To me, my God and Goddess are more like energy forces than a specific deity. Now, this is just my opinion on the God and Goddess, and I don't claim to know it all. I believe that these two primary energy forces, when combined, created living things. I believe that as humans then evolved, and recognized things such as science, mathematics, morals, thought processes, art, music, and creative processes (and etc), their bond with the God and Goddess evolved as well. I believe that the God's "realm of rule" so to speak, is over logic, ethics, mathematics, science, morals, thoughts, and other left brain activities. I believe that the Goddess' "realm of rule" is over right brain activities, such as art, music, nature, and creativity. I believe that when one embraces one of these realms over the other (lawyers, doctors, IT, and similar professions/areas of interest embrace the left realm, and artists, musicians, etc. embrace the right realm), their bond with the corresponding deity is enhanced.