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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Pagan Experience - February Week 2


The word "earth" has multiple meanings. For example, it can mean the planet on which we live, or it can mean the ground/dirt/soil. It can mean to cover something up and it can mean a den/cave for an animal.

The Earth itself is very precious to me. Not only is Mother Nature my church, but it is my therapy, my escape, and my home. The Earth has its own vibrations, and through earthing and grounding, I align myself to her rhythm as frequently as possible. I believe the earth can heal anything. For ever ailment, there is a natural remedy. The earth provides everything we need to survive. We don't need this man-made crap that clutters our lives until we are blind to see what is truly important. 

Earth to me is home. It is peace and balance, and sacred. It is healing and strength and release. It is full and abundant. It is life. It is beautiful.

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