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Friday, February 6, 2015

Imbolc - Restless Awakenings

Imbolc marks the beginning of the end of winter. The first signs of spring are starting to show; early blooming trees are starting to show some green. The earth is beginning to awaken, and the roots of life are beginning to move. Animals that have spent all winter sleeping, are beginning to stir.

We Pagans are beginning to stir as well. Many families begin "spring cleaning" around this time; shaking out winter's dust and cobwebs that have been locked away with us through the winter. We are also undergoing an awakening of our own. Imbolc is a great time for the initiations of new Pagans and coven members. Imbolc is also a great time to renew your vows/promises to your deities, in regards to your studies and worship.

The days are becoming longer, and the nights shorter. Soon days will dominate nights, as we prepare for the most fertile time of the earth.

Imbolc is a fertility celebration, although it is not as popular as Beltane.

Imbolc at our home was fairly quiet. We did do some spring cleaning, and celebrated the return of some family members from their weekend trip.

Below are some photos of my Imbolc altar:

And here is a layout of my Imbolc Altar:

And of course, I created an infographic for Imbolc:

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