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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Pagan Experience - February Week 1

Humanity - 

It's this week's topic in The Pagan Experience, and I'm still sitting her, fumbling over what to write.
How do I define "humanity?" How does my spiritual path support my definition of "humanity?"




Generally speaking, "humanity" is the entire human race. But I believe it's more than that. I believe it is the entire world population. All living things. And by my beliefs, everything is living. So does that mean "humanity" in my beliefs, is...everything?

Generally speaking, "humanity" is the total experience of being human. It includes human nature, and virtue. But, if humanity goes beyond humans, it includes the nature of everything, and the virtue of everything.

But does everything have virtue? Does anything have virtue? Virtue is associated with behaviors of high value, such as kindness, dignity, integrity, and morality. However, these behaviors, while in high value in our modern society, haven't always been highly valued. Even in many cultures today, these behaviors aren't valued. Virtue is what we, as a society, make it.

As for the nature of things... General psychological behaviors, traits, and characteristics that are shared across mankind, changes over time. Our nature changes. As we go through life, experiences situations, learning, developing, growing, we change. Our nature changes. When I was little, it was my nature to suck my thumb. Twenty-two years later, you don't see me sucking my thumb. Furthermore, our society changes, which changes our nature. It used to be human nature to use the terms "sir" and "madam." Everyone did it. It was a behavior shared world wide. Not anymore. At least, not unless you happen to come across that one guy at the customer service desk who no matter what you say to him, smiles and addresses you as such... I know, I'm still searching for him too.

So I'm back to "humanity," and what the heck it is. It isn't the experience of being human, because human nature and virtue are created, not ever-present.

So how do I define "humanity?"



The simple act of existence.

That is "humanity."

Of all that exists in this universe, it is all "humanity." 

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