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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Samhain - A Thin Veil

We recently celebrated Samhain. And Samhain happens to be my namesake, or at least, for my pagan name. Samhain is especially special to me! It marks another year practicing paganism... that's 11 years total! That's half the years I've been alive! I have officially spent half my life as a pagan of some form! PROUD MOMENT!!

Whew...ok, back to Samhain.

I know this post is a bit late. My apologies.

My Samhain was pretty busy. My soulmate and I took my child out trick-or-treating. The Tigger costume was absolutely adorable! So much candy!

It was nice to see all the costumes, and just sense the happy atmosphere! I hope your Samhain was as lovely as mine.

I would like to share my Samhain altar with you, so below are some photos!

And as always, here is a layout of my Samhain altar, complete with labels:

And of course, and infographic for more information on Samhain:

I hope you all enjoy!

Blessed Be and Merry ye Part!


Voting Day in the USA!

It's voting day here! And although it isn't a huge presidential election, I still encourage everyone to vote! Voting is our way of taking control of our government, and instilling the changes we want in our country! If you haven't voted already, and you live within the USA, please consider voting!

If you need more information on how to register to vote, where to vote, or what is being voted on, please click HERE!